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Product Range



SUN 01 – Multifunctional fluid Spray

It is a spray, which stops squeaks, penetrates and frees frozen or rusted metal parts, drives out moisture on metal surfaces, cleans most surfaces of grease, gum and adhesives and protects metal.


SUN 03 - Mould Release Spray

It is a mould release agent/anti-stick agent for all types of general mouldings, various types of plastics, rubber, bakelite, core moulding and non-ferrous metal die-casting.


SUN 04 – Anti Spatter Spray

A specifically designed silicone based product, it protects welding consumables from spatter problems.

The spray is developed to prevent the spatters from sticking to the rest of the material, thus avoiding grinding and brush cleaning of the stuck up matter.


SUN 21 – Tacky Duster

A coating of this product in paint booths attracts & traps dust, airborne fibers, paint chips & paint over sprays during painting operations.

It protects booth surfaces from primer, paint & under coat over sprays.


SUN 23 – Alloy Wheel Cleaner
SUN 23 is a unique fast acting formulation, tailor made to clean / brighten aluminum alloy wheels. The solution is a one step cleaner brightener.

SUN 23 is designed to remove organic & inorganic contaminations including white & red rust, discoloration, etc., from aluminum alloy wheel surfaces.

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