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Product Range



Wiping Systems

DuPont Sontara

Widely used in Clean Rooms, Aviation, and Automotive Paints Refinishing, Electronics, Domestic, Maintenance and Manufacturing industries. It is ideal for applications like medical gowns, drapes and bandages, absorbents for industrial, household and clean room use, coated substrates etc.

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Industrial Packaging

Dupont Tyvek

Tyvek® is a tough, durable sheet made from high-density polyethylene fibers that is stronger than paper and less expensive and more versatile than fabric. Its application includes protective apparel, envelopes, sterile packaging, signs and banners, tags etc.

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DuPont Typar

It’s a nonwoven fabric composed of thermally bonded, continuous 100% polypropylene filaments. This makes it resistant to rot moisture and chemical attack, particularly from naturally occurring acids and alkalis in the soil.
The structure of Typar® gives it good tensile strength even in diagonal direction. It is used to perform functions like separation, stabilisation, filtration, drainage and protection.

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